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About The Giving Tree Foundation

The Giving Tree Foundation

The Giving Tree Foundation was created in 2007 by Ralph and Karen Thurman.  The focus of the foundation has been to provide support (both financial and otherwise) to those in need around the world.  Since, 2007 The Giving Tree Foundation has been active in South Africa, Peru, the Virgin Islands, Philadelphia and its’ surrounding communities.


The Thurman’s not only contribute with their financial resources but prefer to be actively involved with those receiving the charity.  As an example, the Thurman’s have traveled numerous times to South Africa and Peru to meet with those in need and assess in real time the needs.


In their hometown community of suburban Philadelphia their hands-on involvement and financial support focuses on food programs, single parents in need of housing, children’s therapy programs, etc.


The Giving Tree Foundation was incorporated in 2007 through The Foundation Source Philanthropic Services Inc.  The foundation is overseen by Ralph, his wife and three children.

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