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A Look at the Philanthropic Efforts of Help Peru

As you’ll no doubt agree, there’s a great need for philanthropy to address social causes far beyond our nation’s borders. Let’s take the example of Peru and how a partnership between a local charitable organization and people living in the United States is making a distinct difference.

Help Peru Inc. is registered in New York as a public charity. It works in association with Asociacion Civil Help Peru, based in the country of Peru. Here’s more about them.

The organization’s reach

Essentially, Help Peru supports those charities that have the most to offer underprivileged Peruvians. As a result, there are a range of categories where Help Peru is making a concerted effort to provide worthwhile opportunities for populations in need.

The foundation is focused on enhancing access to education, delivering emergency relief, preserving the environment, increasing the availability of healthcare, empowering women, and assisting several specific philanthropic endeavors. In each of these areas, Help Peru simultaneously supports many diverse projects. This encompasses giving grants to local enterprises to generate more philanthropy among the country’s inhabitants.

Founded in 2013, Help Peru has been in operation for less than a decade. In that time, they’ve amassed some impressive statistics. From 2013 to 2020, the organization has counted 60,916 direct beneficiaries and 658,633 indirect beneficiaries of their work. They’ve also planted and conserved 2,000 trees.

It should be noted that their assistance has proved invaluable during the coronavirus pandemic that has devastated communities throughout Peru. In this case, they ensured that oxygen concentrators, personal protective equipment (PPE), and other health supplies were available. In addition, Help Peru has provided needed food and education on how to prevent and address COVID-19 infection.

Promoting philanthropy

As mentioned, Help Peru sets a spectacular example for those altruistic individuals involved with Peruvian social causes and nurtures their success with concrete help and financing. The foundation takes it a step further in that they sponsor two notable philanthropic programs.

Skills for youth

The first is designed to develop skills for young people displaced by floods in Cura Mori in the Piura region of Peru. The 2017 environmental catastrophe brought on by El Nino affected 20,500 people and displaced 1,500 families. Help Peru funds what’s known as the Comuna project that brings together various civil, private, and public concerns to target remediation efforts.

The Comuna scheme falls under the umbrella of Mosaico, which designs social transformation experiences aimed at encouraging compassion and unity within Peruvian society. In particular, Comuna’s objective is to work closely with the displaced families living in temporary shelters without healthcare services and with little chance of employment and training. Over the course of six to 10 years, Comuna will intervene with an entrepreneurship and leadership program targeted at youth and women. Local inhabitants participating in the program will be mentored.

Social start-ups

Right across Peru, a number of companies are understanding what it means to be good corporate citizens. Many businesses are intent on preserving the country’s environment and contributing to a range of social causes. Help Peru is there to lend a hand through a unique relationship with the Kunan platform.

Kunan’s mission is to advance both environmental and social entrepreneurship. They see this as the route to help solve the myriad of related challenges that Peru faces. Kunan has been around for about as long as Help Peru, as it began in 2014. One of its strategies is to run a competition each year called The Kunan Challenge for those involved in these types of entrepreneurship. Help Peru is a main partner for Kunan in organizing the event.

The Challenge is one method of recognizing the enterprises that are having the most impact, highlighting their example in order to inspire others. Along with valuable media exposure, winners can expect to receive other benefits. This includes financial support, legal advice, training, and access to Kunan’s network of contacts.

Areas of impact

Help Peru is active in a vast number of other areas. While this article cannot hope to do justice to all that the foundation does, a brief look at where they have more influence is possible.

Access to education is one important initiative Help Peru pursues. This includes making sure music education is there for children living in families with low incomes, implementing early childhood education in at-risk communities, helping to train public school teachers, and providing scholarships to children living in poverty who have high potential.

Help Peru also delivers emergency relief whether it’s food, water, blankets, health supplies, vaccines, oxygen concentrators, or personal protective equipment. Preserving the environment is another interest of the foundation as evidenced by its reforestation program and focus on empowering children to care for the natural world.

Help Peru’s efforts on the health care front range from offering warm winter clothing to vulnerable children to funding complex surgeries. Lastly, the organization empowers women through its business education for female entrepreneurs and self-employment opportunities.

In short, there’s no end to the ways in which Help Peru demonstrates philanthropy.



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